Volume 1, Issue 4, 2019, Page 253 - 256
Author(s) :
Mobin Ghadermarzi *1
1 History Teacher Student Farhangian University "Hakim Ferdowsi Campus of Alborz Province"

Abstract :
This study is a systematic review study in which we try to examine the role of the Ardalan family ruling the Kurdish region of Iran in the battles between the Safavids and the Ottomans. So far, a comprehensive and specialized study on the role of the Kurds in this period has not been done. In this article, we have tried to reach a conclusion by collecting data from old sources and new research in this regard. The Ardalan family attributes their lineage to the Sassanids. One of the reasons is that the Sassanid dynasty originated from the Shabankareh Kurds. The Iranian Kurdistan region was considered a strategic region between the Ottoman and Safavid wars and was always considered by the two governments.

Keywords :
Ardalan, Safavian, Ottoman, Kurdistan