Volume 2, Issue 4, 2020, Page 99 - 107
Author(s) :
Sussan Rahimi Bagha *1
1 Ph.D. English Literature, Lecturer, Tehran, Iran

Abstract :
This paper is about thematic details of the Hard Times (1854) by Charles Dickens. The situation of England in 19th century is visualized by the author in this novel. It is about the lives of the people from middle and lower class which were completely affected by poverty, discrimination and especially industrialization. All of them cause many problems to the lives of rustic people by oppressing their imagination and emotions which resulted in their working in mill factories under difficult situations. Hard Times demonstrates the social separation between rich and poor. The ones who rise slowly usually does not reach much higher than where they started. The wealth could be the opportunities to cover some sorts of social abnormality and odd behaviors. The existence of the wealthy characters are more than poor ones in Hard Times. Since in that era the world was moving forward to become more machinery under the industrial 19th century and Victorian era. In this novel, and by becoming the rising of technology and machinery, only the high class families are included, meanwhile the low class and poor families usually never get to have the standard level of the facilities. The characters who mostly have concern about class differences are the ones who never feel pain because of differences and the gap between rich and poor.

Keywords :
Industrialization, Imagination, Poverty, Victorian era, Utilitarianism