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A Study on the Relation of Platonic Dramas with Diegetic Dramas, Focusing on the Plays by Bahman Forsi
Volume 1, Issue 2, 2019, Pages 96 - 103
Author(s) : Mozhdeh Sameti* 1

1 PhD in Comparative and Analytical History of Art, University of Art of Tehran

Abstract :
Plato’s works have always been studied as philosophical dialogues. Few scholars have considered them as dramatic texts. Plato’s approach to mimesis has made him an anti-theatre figure. His emphasis on diegesis instead of mimesis may be one of the reasons his theories disappeared from dramatic studies. But modern drama, based more on diegesis, have connections with Platonic concepts. Modern diegetic dramas have been recognized as a new genre in modern era. This research is going to study these diegetic dramas which go back to Platonic dialogues. First, mimesis and diegesis were explained through classical views. Also Plato’s dialogues were compared with tragedy and comedy as the main forms of drama. Having achieved Platonic dramaturgy, modern drama is analyzed. Through comparing modern diegetic dramas with Platonic dramas we got to the components that construct diegetic dramas. By using these components we studied structure of Iranian dramas. Roots and conditions of Iranian dramatic tradition proceeded us to the modern period where some modernists such as Bahman Forsi represent diegetic drama. Results showed that there is a correlative relation between diegetic Platonic dramas and diegetic Iranian dramas. These results led us to a new structure for Iranian dramas.
Keywords :
Plato, Aristotle, diegesis, mimesis, diegetic drama, Iranian drama, Bahman Forsi